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From 宋英拴 <songyingsh...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Some conceptual and administrational question
Date Mon, 03 Aug 2020 09:22:59 GMT
hi hamidreza,
Here are some of my views on your question and all my answer is based on
1. This function is probably not off the shelf in kafka 1.0.1 and you need
to do this yourself if you really need this.
However, u can get the start and end offsets of one specific partition by
kafka apis, so you can monitor these data periodically and set up
notifications based on these data.
But poor real-time is an obvious problem.

2. You can try from here :

3. Kafka achieves HA through multiple copies and i don't think it is
necessary to do backups at the cluster level.

4. I haven't paid attention to this myself =_=!

5. First, read this :
https://kafka.apache.org/10/documentation.html#brokerconfigs , and pay
attention to those configs which `IMPORTANCE` is `high`. I think u can get
lots of info from internet.
And then, start your cluster and update the configuration based on
maintenance experience.

hamidreza hosseini <hrhosseini@hotmail.com> 于2020年8月1日周六 下午11:48写道:

> Hi,
> I have some questions about kafka concept,
> Thanks in advance for your answer:
> 1.I want when kafka are deleting kafka's partition (because it achieved to
> its time or max volume) it send me a notification and says that "I was
> deleted offset 22  od topic a and partition 2"
> Can i do this in kafka?
> 2.every database save its database in a format, this is my question that
> Kafka save its data in a text file or it has a specific format and
> structure?
> And what is that?
> 3.
> How can i take backup from my kafka cluster and restore it?
> 4.I want a dedicated dashboard to monitor and manage kafka (i dont want to
> use prometheus or something like that) i want a seprate and dedicated
> dashboard
> Is there any opensource project for this purpose?
> 5.
> I want to run kafka in production , is there any sample configuration that
> it set some important and tuned parameters  to download and modify it?
> Best Regards

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