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From Aki Yoshida <elak...@gmail.com>
Subject When using MM2, how should the consumer be switched from source to target?
Date Thu, 17 Dec 2020 20:18:16 GMT
I have a question regarding how to migrate a consumer when the
subscribing topic has been migrated to the target Kafka broker.
Suppose a consumer is consuming from topic1 at the source Kafka
broker. When MM2 mirrors this topic using options
source.cluster.alias="", replication.policy.separator="", topic named
topic1 shows up at the target Kafka broker.

When the consumer instance simply switches the bootstrap server to
start consuming from this topic1 at the target broker, the consumer
seems to start subscribing from the latest offset. I thought the
consumer offsets were also migrated to the target and the consumer
could simply start subscribing from the mirrored topic from the
continued offset. Did I miss some configuration parameters or does the
consumer need to perform some actions to be able to consume the
records seamlessly?

I appreciate for your help. Thanks.

regards, aki

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