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From Andreas Pieber <anpie...@gmail.com>
Date Fri, 31 Dec 2010 10:27:23 GMT

Currently I have the use case that I have to set additional sys_vars in karaf
(those -Dthings). In specific, to set wicket to development mode I have to add a
-Dwicket.configuration=development. BUT I don't want to set those options
directly in the script (karaf.bat/".sh").

My idea was to add a KARAF_OPTS var which is used during calling the script. 
Then you can do:

export KARAF_OPTS=-Dwicket.configuration=development

The changes are quite trivial (see patch; applies to karaf-2.1.x; but should
also apply to master IMHO). If you do not export KARAF_OPTS the part is simply
empty and will not change the behaviour, otherwise you can add system props as you

Is there a better way? WDYT?

kind regards,

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