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From Glen Mazza <gma...@talend.com>
Subject Re: Extend the karaf commands by a wizard
Date Wed, 03 Aug 2011 22:33:42 GMT
Philipp, it might be beneficial to clarify first which actions you want 
wizarded, "Give me a wizard", the effective phrasing of Karaf-780, is 
too vague to be workable:  which actions do you want the wizards to walk 
you through?  Even if the answer is "everything", there are over a 
hundred actions available with Karaf, so it would still be good to have 
an enumerated list of your priorities, also, to judge the value of 
creating these wizards to begin with.

My problem with these wizards is that Linux command shells generally 
don't have them and everybody's been cool with that for years--so I'm 
not sure the Karaf command line needs to be burdened with them, 
especially since Karaf is generally for advanced developers who can 
actually be irritated by an overly childish/chatty command line 
interface.  Also, wizard coding is monotonous and has a high potential 
of having several bugs, patches and reports of which could distract the 
team from core functionality.  Finally, if you're thinking that wizards 
should take away the need to have to flag the each parameter, i.e., 
"create 1 Sam" instead of "create --id 1 --name Sam") that could be 
risky should people get the arguments in the wrong order.

In lieu of wizards it may be better to make sure Karaf's web interface 
is enhanced, or a GUI provided that provides an easy way for a user to 
run the most common tasks.


On 08/03/2011 05:52 PM, bonomat wrote:
> Hi all,
> relevant to the issue  https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/KARAF-780
> KARAF-780  I want to start a discussion and share my thoughts about the
> wizard command:
> First I'll try to make clear what the commands needs are:
> - it should be always possible to execute the command in one line, (for
> script automation, so the wizard should be optional)
> - it should be possible to have some optional and non-optional attributes
> - if all non-optional attributes are entered in one line the wizard will not
> get started
> - if some non-optional attributes are missing, the wizard will be started
> -furthermore should it be possible
> - to accept more complex objects as arguments, i.e. create new instances, or
> references to other classes,
> what I imagine myself under the word "wizard":
> a wizard is for me: to lead the user through some well defined steps, so
> according to the description above: if an non-optional attribute was not
> set, the user will be asked something like this:
> no value defined for field "name": (default: noname):
> more in detail:
> {code}
> @Command(scope = "user", name = "create", description = "Create new user")
> public class UserCreationCommand extends OsgiCommandSupport {
> @Argument(..., optional=false )
> private String id;
> @Argument(..., optional=false )
> private String name;
> @Argument(..., optional=true )
> private String age;
> protected Object doExecute() throws Exception {
> //do something with the arguments, i.e. create a new user instance and
> persist it....
> }
> {/code}
> a call can be:
> user:create 1        // enter
> you have not defined a value defined for field "name": (default: noname):
> Goofy  ///enter
> sumary: .... id=1, name=Goofy, age=null ,  ok?(yes/no)
> or:
> user:create        //enter
> you have not defined a value defined for field "id": (default:
> [autogenerated]):    ///enter
> you have not defined a value defined for field "name": (default: noname):
> Goofy  ///enter
> sumary: .... id=1, name=Goofy, age=null ,  ok?(yes/no)
> but the question is, how do we know if the "1" is the non-optional id and
> not the optional age?
> so, how i can imagine how this can be implemented:
> in the class DefaultActionPreparator in the method:
> public boolean prepare(Action action, CommandSession session, List params)
> are the attributes checked, so my idea is, to save those attributes which
> are not set, but not-optional somewhere in the action class, and before the
> method:
> protected Object doExecute()  will be executed an other method like:
> validateInput() will be called,
> here it should be possible to accept some user input from the console to
> change and extend the attributes.
> so, i hope it is a bit more clear what i was thinking about the "wizard",
> what do you think about my thoughts?
> kind regards
> Philipp
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