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From Łukasz Dywicki <l...@code-house.org>
Subject Re: [WebConsole] Roadmap sketch discussion
Date Tue, 06 Sep 2011 11:40:09 GMT
I worked a bit on unit tests and now we have few in core. They covers base elements - including
BasePage, SecuredPage, authentication and authorization. Also I've updated manual (which is
still small) - now we have small set of documentation about extensions, security and branding.

Best regards,

> Hey Lukas,
> Wow, the feature set growed really fast :-). Great work guys!
> Basically I think we've enough to start shouting around. Still I think there
> are two things missing beforehand:
> a) We really need to introduce at least a little set of unit and integration
> tests. People are in general more afraid to edit/extend not-tested code than
> well tested code
> b) I think we need at least a little set of infrastructure and feature
> documentation. That would give ppl the possibility to get a good
> introduction and IMHO also a little bit motivation to continue it.
> @(a) I'm writing right now at a test framework to get up karaf as the base
> framework in exam. The code is currently located [1]. ASAP it is stable I'll
> push it into the karaf sandbox. We can base the webconsole integration tests
> on that framework.
> Kind regards,
> Andreas
> [1] https://github.com/fossbrain/org.fossbrain.extensions.paxexam.karaf
> 2011/9/2 Łukasz Dywicki <luke@code-house.org>
>> Hey guys,
>> Since we have bunch of features in current prototype I would like to start
>> talking about roadmap and other communities involvement.
>> What we currently have:
>> - Security layer integrated with JAAS, also with support for roles (based
>> on Ioannis jaas-blog example).
>>       Every subpage can have different set of principals allowed to watch
>> it - for example we can introduce karaf-manager and developer roles and so
>> on.
>> - Support for basic OSGi operations
>>       Start, stop, refresh and uninstall operations on bundles
>> - Extensible bundles view which allows to add new columns
>>       As an example you can check blueprint module
>> - Support for basic karaf operations
>>       Viewing, installing features, listing repositories and adding new
>> ones
>> - Extensible dashboard with widgets possible to be added dynamically by
>> webconsole modules
>> - Example ServiceMix extension which lists endpoints, exchanges and
>> exchange details
>> - Support for translations throught wicket i18n mechanism
>> - Support for branding based on OSGi BrandProvider services, not only on
>> fragment resource overrides.
>> Felix WebConsole contains much more features eg. viewing the logs, editing
>> the configurations (it's broken currently in our case) managing Karaf
>> instances and so on. I started thinking about announcing our work to these
>> user communities who may be interested in extensions. With them we can
>> discuss scope of webconsole (and their extensions). I think we are close to
>> stabilize core APIs and start working on first version which should be
>> released before end of this year.
>> Communities which may be involved:
>> - servicemix (especially in context of smx5)
>> - camel
>> - felix
>> - sling
>> - geronimo (since it is OSGi based)
>> - activemq?
>> - cxf?
>> WDYT, are we ready to ask them for help and cooperation?
>> Best regards,
>> Lukasz

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