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From Raj Saini <rajsa...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [Proposal] EIK (Eclipse Integration for Karaf) as a new Karaf sub-project
Date Thu, 01 Sep 2011 04:32:43 GMT
I have used EIK briefly and really very useful and time saving during 
development. Eclipse Virgo provides the similar WTP runtime and having 
EIK for Karaf will help developer who are used to developing Eclipse WTP.


On Wednesday 31 August 2011 08:01 PM, Christian Schneider wrote:
> I have already seen the integration some time ago and it really is great.
> Basically I would like to see this in the Karaf community. The only 
> issue is if it would be better suited as an Eclipse project but I am 
> open to both variants.
> Christian
> Am 31.08.2011 14:50, schrieb Jean-Baptiste Onofré:
>> Hi all,
>> I discussed since few days with Stephen Evanchik, the author of EIK.
>> EIK is currently an Eclipse lab project.
>> EIK (Eclipse Integration for Karaf) is the integration of the Apache 
>> Karaf application platform and the Eclipse IDE.
>> Notable features include:
>>     * An Eclipse Run/Debug launcher configuration that configures 
>> Karaf to run inside the workbench transparently to the developer
>>     * Automatic deployment of workspace plugin projects to running 
>> Karaf instances without copying files
>>     * A Target Platform Definition that allows developers to target 
>> only the bundles found in Karaf distributions
>>     * A Target Platform Provisioner that automatically constructs a 
>> target platform from any Karaf distribution on the user's local disk
>>     * JMX instrumentation of the Running/Debugging Karaf instance.
>>     * Eclipse views that display the Bundle and Service status of 
>> Karaf instances
>> Experimental features:
>>     Web Tools Platform integration including:
>>         * Karaf server runtime with associated classpath maintenance
>>         * Karaf runtime locator that scans local disks for compatible 
>> Karaf distributions
>> Stephen and I would like to propose EIK as a new Karaf sub-project.
>> We're going to change the current license to use an Apache 2.0 
>> license (I will take care of the IP-clearance), update the code base 
>> with the correct header files, etc.
>> As for the others Karaf sub-project, EIK will use a SVN location like 
>> https://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/karaf/eik (and an associated git repo).
>> I will take care of others resources (Jira, Jenkins, Sonar, etc, etc 
>> :)).
>> EIK could be a good platform for both Karaf development, but also to 
>> construct some tool on top of that (I can image some deployment or 
>> advanced monitoring "studios" powered by Eclipse/EIK, etc).
>> This thread is not a vote, just a discussion thread. I would like to 
>> have your view about EIK before starting a formal vote.
>> Thanks
>> Regards
>> JB

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