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From Jean-Baptiste Onofré ...@nanthrax.net>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] New Karaf commands norm
Date Wed, 19 Oct 2011 09:17:43 GMT
Hi Gert,

thanks for your feedback.

My comments inline:

> We can definitely do this for the Karaf 3.x versions.  Personally, I'm more
> in favor of a clean cut approach instead of providing aliases for
> everything, I think it's more a matter of communicating the change to our
> users clearly.  How about a doing real migration guide document for Karaf 3
> that goes along with the release mails we sent out to the users mailing
> lists, gets included with the download links, gets blogged together with the
> typical 'xyz released' entries, ... ?

+1, migration guide, a real cleanup (to avoid to have to support things 
for a long time ;)) is better.

> Adding a warning as Raul suggested might be a good idea as well, as long as
> we make sure to get rid of those warning again as soon as possible (e.g. for
> Karaf 3.1) to avoid dragging our entire history along with us over time.

I think that migration guide makes more sense, and should be enough.

> Looking at the proposed command format and if we're going to change things
> anyway, I'm also wondering if we should reverse the verb-noun order.
>   Somehow, feature:list-url and feature:add-url read a bit more natural in my
> mind.  Also, this would be more in line with feature:install and
> bundle:start that also have the verb in first position (though we also have
> a bundle:info that me might have to call bundle:show-info instead then).

OK with that. It just means that, config:propdel will become 
config:del-prop for instance.

> (Sorry for being extremely old fashioned, but the AS/400 (oh, sorry IBM,
> it's called System i now, right?) has this scheme of verbs (WRK, DSP, DLT,
> ...) and nouns (FIL, OBJ, WTR, ...) for the system commands as well and
> usually allows you to find the right command by just combining these things,
> so the previous proposal goes along the same lines - just being a more
> modern age alternative to the same thing -- If we keep the unix-like aliases
> around as well, we can make all these dinosaurs like myself feel at home ;))



> Regards,
> Gert Vanthienen
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> FuseSource
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> Blog: http://gertvanthienen.blogspot.com/
> On Tue, Oct 18, 2011 at 12:14 PM, Jean-Baptiste Onofré<jb@nanthrax.net>wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> in order to be consistent, I would like to apply the same "norm" for all
>> Karaf commands.
>> I propose the following:
>> 1/ all command scope should be singular (features:* become feature:*,
>> bundles:* become bundle:*)
>> 2/ command name separator is -. For instance, config:propdel become
>> config:prop-del
>> 3/ "fine grained commands" should be respect the command-action format. For
>> instance, features:addUrl become feature:url-add, feature:url-list
>> WDYT ?
>> Regards
>> JB
>> --
>> Jean-Baptiste Onofré
>> jbonofre@apache.org
>> http://blog.nanthrax.net
>> Talend - http://www.talend.com

Jean-Baptiste Onofré
Talend - http://www.talend.com

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