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From Johan Edstrom <seij...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Features
Date Sat, 15 Oct 2011 06:33:01 GMT

I probably had spent another few days without that previous knowledge, it is still 
in need of work.

And using the OBR given the complexity I think personally is a no-go right now, 
it isn't simple enough, nor do we have a global OBR repo.

I did ask Tim O'Brien about a new sonatype OBR repo last week, that would help.

On Oct 15, 2011, at 12:26 AM, Daniel Kulp wrote:

> On Friday, October 14, 2011 11:58:26 PM Johan Edstrom wrote:
>> Hey,
>> Just poking around in the features, and yes I cross post this -
>> I know there has been work going on with regards to creating a sane default
>> set of features but currently the CXF features in 2.4.2 (I think it was)
>> uses spring 3.0.6, the karaf features 3.0.5 and the camel features actually
>> copy in cxf with a similar version but the older neethi.
>> If we want these features in a consistent state, should we have a master
>> reference?
>> I know this will impact development and agility, but it sure as heck would
>> improve stability if we had a solid inheritance chain?
>> I know we also have a bunch of different features in the SMX area, would a
>> new features project help? Just asking…
> This is pretty much exactly where JB and I have been going with the recent 
> changes in the features.  Basically, the projects all STOP redefining features 
> like spring and cxf and such.   Instead, they grab those from the appropriate 
> place (and using a version range to accommodate updates).
> For example:
> Karaf 2.2.4 defines all the Spring things.  Thus, neither Camel or CXF define 
> that anymore.  They just grab spring from there (using "[3,4)" or similar).   
> Camel 2.8.2 will use the CXF 2.4.3 features directly.  (no redefines)
> If you don't use an obr, we still have issues with different bundle versions 
> of various things.   I did sync CXF and Camel as much as possible a little 
> while ago, but they will likely drift a bit.   
> Anyway, Karaf 2.2.4, CXF 2.4.3, and Camel 2.8.2 will go a long way to make it 
> a lot easier and more consistent.  
> Dan
>> Cheers!
> -- 
> Daniel Kulp
> dkulp@apache.org
> http://dankulp.com/blog
> Talend - http://www.talend.com

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