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From Christian Schneider <ch...@die-schneider.net>
Subject Re: Update on Karaf 3.0.0
Date Tue, 06 Mar 2012 11:52:05 GMT
Hi JB,

Am 06.03.2012 11:03, schrieb Jean-Baptiste Onofré:
> Hi all,
> I would like to make an update on the status of Karaf 3.0.
> 1/ Bootstrap time and artifacts resolution
> I fixed the latest issue around pax-url-aether and artifacts 
> resolution on Saturday.
> Now, for SNAPSHOT artifacts, the karaf-maven-plugin (create-kar and 
> install-kar goals) creates or copy the maven-metadata-local.xml.
> It means that only new SNAPSHOTs will be downloaded from a remote 
> repository.
> More than easy testing/updating, a good news is that the artifact 
> resolution is largely quicker than before, and so the Karaf bootstrap 
> time is largely better (now the Karaf bootstrap on trunk is equivalent 
> to Karaf 2.2.x).
I found more bugs / strange behaviour in the current version. The 
immediate problem I had is fixed. So my snapshot of the shell/config is 
used now after I do a full build.
The problem is that I can not really update my jar in a running karaf. 
Update <bundleid> does not find my new version. dev:watch also does not 
When I delete the artifact´s dir in system and do update karaf loads the 
snapshot from the external repo.

So I think the problem is that system is currently used somehat like an 
local repo. Karaf writes downloaded artifacts there. On the other hand 
is is used like a remote repo when
looking up artifacts.

I think this looks quite broken.

I will add a jira issue.
> 3/ Module refactoring
> Christian provided a patch around config handling.
> I will refactore it a bit to adopt the same way as feature, system, 
> etc modules (core bundle, management bundle, command bundle).
> I will take update some others modules in the same way.
> It should be done tomorrow evening or Thursday mornning.
Please do not yet refactor this. Let me first commit on trunk. I am 
doing the last tests and will commit today. If you tell me what you want 
I can also do the refactoring.
The patch I submitted was for 2.2.x. After a discussion with Achim we 
agreed that we should not change much for 2.2.x and instead just fix the 
bug with delayed updates.
I will fix this on trunk first and then backport to 2.2.x.

> 4/ Karaf 3.0.0 branch
> I plan to cut off the karaf-3.0.x branch over the week end and prepare 
> a first RC.
When I look in jira I see ~100 open issues for 3.0.0. So I think we are 
far from ready to branch and release a RC.


Christian Schneider

Open Source Architect
Talend Application Integration Division http://www.talend.com

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