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From Jean-Baptiste Onofré ...@nanthrax.net>
Subject Re: Problems running itests on windows in eclipse
Date Wed, 19 Sep 2012 14:13:39 GMT
It's possible using config on KarafDistributionOption:

- each test can share the same unpack directory: 
- the runtime directories are cleanup after exec if we don't use the 
KeepRuntimeFolderOption option


On 09/19/2012 03:57 PM, Daniel Kulp wrote:
> If a test passes, shouldn't it also completely clean up after itself?    I personally
hate things that leave leftover crap all over the place when things have gone well.   For
failed tests, sure, leave things around to help debug, but for passing tests, clean up.
> Dan
> On Sep 19, 2012, at 7:33 AM, Jean-Baptiste Onofré <jb@nanthrax.net> wrote:
>> I always do mvn clean install or mvn clean test.
>> For the target/karaf dir, karaf-pax-exam completly bootstrap a Karaf instance for
each test. IMHO, it's a good approach because each test is atomic. If the user want to create
only one Karaf instance bootstrap, it can gather all asserts in one method.
>> Regards
>> JB
>> On 09/19/2012 01:22 PM, Christian Schneider wrote:
>>> I now got the itests running. The key is to delete the target dir before
>>> the test.
>>> After I ran one test class the target dir had 80 MB. I think the reason
>>> why it now worked is that windows can cope with this size.
>>> Still I think it does not make sense that we create a complete karaf dir
>>> for each test method and then even keep the data after the test.
>>> Can´t we optimize this in some way?
>>> Christian
>>> Am 19.09.2012 13:07, schrieb Christian Schneider:
>>>> I saw some failures in the itests on trunk when running from maven. So
>>>> I tried to import the project into eclipse and run the tests from
>>>> there to debug into them.
>>>> The problem is that the tests do not even seem to fully start on
>>>> eclipse. They seem to hang inside:
>>>> org.ops4j.pax.exam.spi.intern.TestProbeBuilderImpl.selectCollector(File)
>>>> I then found that the itests/target dir is about 2GB big. As far as I
>>>> could debug it seems that the tests do not fully hang and instead seem
>>>> to go through each of those many files and so never seem to start.
>>>> So the questions are:
>>>> Does anyone alse see this behaviour?
>>>> Can we change this so the tests take less file space? On windows it
>>>> takes even several minutes to just delete the target dir after the tests.
>>>> Christian
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