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From James Strachan <james.strac...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Fwd: [ANN] hawtio: a new lightweight HTML5 console for Apache Camel, ActiveMQ, JMX, OSGi & Fuse Fabric
Date Sat, 26 Jan 2013 09:30:57 GMT
On 25 January 2013 17:22, Christian Schneider <chris@die-schneider.net> wrote:
> I have not looked into HawtIO in detail but the idea of having a general
> console with plugins for each technology sounds good to me.
> I also think it is good to start such a console separately in github as
> it allows for fast progress to show it works.

Agreed. github has great tools as well; plus its got the lowest
barrier to entry which encourages participation.

> For the long term I think that the generic part of such a console should
> move into an apache project. As it makes sense to keep the console
> independent of OSGi a separate project may make sense.
> So why should we do this in apache? The reason is that currently HawtIO
> is just another console. Only at a big community like apache we can hope
> for a project to get enough acceptance that a lot of projects participate.
> So if we succeed in creating an accepted generic foundation for
> management consoles then each of the technology plugins could be
> developed in the respective projects.
> What do you think about this?

It could move to Apache one day. I'm much more keen though to get
folks contributing and writing plugins - those plugins could live at
github, eclipse, inside their respective Apache projects or in a new
Apache UI project or whatever. Though actually having the UI console
in a separate project kinda helps (e.g. hawtio works with all versions
of Camel).

Everything's Apache licensed so any project can reuse / embed / extend
hawtio wherever folks wish; plus folks can create their own stand
alone consoles in any project - or just write and release their own
plugins from any project anywhere.

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