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From James Strachan <james.strac...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [ANN] hawtio: a new lightweight HTML5 console for Apache Camel, ActiveMQ, JMX, OSGi & Fuse Fabric
Date Mon, 28 Jan 2013 08:20:33 GMT
On 27 January 2013 18:25, Christian Müller <christian.mueller@gmail.com> wrote:
> ... and to make it precise. By writing "fighting for it" I mean:
> - add missing features to Karaf WebConsole
> - provide better documentation (for users and developers)
> - make it as easy as possible to install it
> -  and whatever you can do to improve Karaf WebConsole.

It doesn't have to be a fight :). There's no reason Karaf WebConsole
can't reuse any/all of hawtio's plugins (e.g. for Camel / ActiveMQ /
JMX) or for Karaf WebConsole to expose all its Karaf views as a plugin
to hawtio; so users get the best of both worlds.

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