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From Jean-Baptiste Onofré ...@nanthrax.net>
Subject Re: [INFO] Update default etc/org.ops4j.pax.url.mvn.cfg on Karaf 3.0.x
Date Wed, 03 Sep 2014 11:21:40 GMT
IMHO, it had negative impact due to the bug that I saw in Pax URL.

Now, on Karaf 3.0.2-SNAPSHOT, with my latest changes (and update to Pax 
URL 2.1.0), .m2/repository is not populated by default, and only the 
system repo is used.
It's what I named the "standalone/atomic" production mode.

I agree with your points, but IMHO, it's just different configuration to 
do in etc/org.ops4j.pax.url.mvn.cfg that we can document.


On 09/03/2014 12:58 PM, Christian Schneider wrote:
> We had this setting  of using the system repo as a local repo at the
> start of development of karaf 3. It had quite negative effects.
> The problem is that maven will write into the local repo. The system
> repo should be read only though.  So I think the system repo as a remote
> repo is a good choice.
> The only problem I see is that some people do not like that a local repo
> is written in .m2 for production machines. So it would be great if we
> could find a way to optionally
> avoid writing into the local repo. I think this case is typical if
> people either have all bundles in the system repo or if they always want
> to connect to their own nexus or similar server.
> In some cases on the other hand I think it is good to have a local repo
> as cache for production machines. In the case where the system repo does
> not contain all necessary bundles the local repo will
> cache all necessary bundles after the first install. So the production
> machine is then independent from the internet.
> For developer machines as a third case it is good to be able to override
> the jars in the system repo with the jars in the local repo. So for
> example if I run a snapshot of karaf and work on a module I can do
> changes in the module, rebuild it to my local repo and update the bundle
> in karaf. I hope this case still works after your change.
> Christian
> Am 31.08.2014 22:43, schrieb Jean-Baptiste Onofré:
>> Following this thread, I wonder if it doesn't make sense to add the
>> system repo as local repo:
>> org.ops4j.pax.url.mvn.localRepository=file:${karaf.home}/${karaf.default.repository}
>> and override the default m2 settings with an empty one in Karaf:
>> org.ops4j.pax.url.mvn.settings=${karaf.home}/${karaf.default.repository}/settings.xml
>> by default, and document how to switch back to Maven "local user
>> configuration".
>> It would avoid to populate the .m2/repository and force to use the
>> artifacts from the system repo (so very close to what we have in Karaf
>> 2.x).
>> WDYT ?
>> Regards
>> JB
>> On 08/31/2014 10:31 PM, Matt Sicker wrote:
>>> I quite like that change. In my Karaf usage, I've always reconfigured
>>> the
>>> .m2/repository directory to be inside KARAF_HOME instead just to isolate
>>> the repositories in the first place. Any sort of change that prefers
>>> usage
>>> of artifact repositories embedded in Karaf are a step forward IMO.
>>> On 31 August 2014 14:36, Jean-Baptiste Onofré <jb@nanthrax.net> wrote:
>>>> Hi all,
>>>> FYI, I aligned the etc/org.ops4j.pax.url.mvn.cfg files between master
>>>> (Karaf 4.x) and Karaf 3.0.x.
>>>> Basically, the change is to move the system repo and the kar repo as
>>>> default repositories, instead of "regular" repositories.
>>>> It allows Karaf to start quicker on a fresh machine, without any
>>>> .m2/repository.
>>>> Any objection ?
>>>> Regards
>>>> JB
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