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From Christian Schneider <ch...@die-schneider.net>
Subject Re: [DISCUSSION] Karaf Boot
Date Sun, 13 Sep 2015 17:51:28 GMT
The CDI and JEE annotations are exactly taylored to the enterprise use 
cases. I doubt that we can create better ones.
Abstracting away from the technology can only mean you introduce another 
layer of indirection. This can only make sense if the underlying 
technology is crappy which I think is not the case.

I am looking forward to see what you propose but I think reinventing the 
whole set of annotations will probably not be the way to go. We saw this 
path in the karaf 4 commands and I think the result is not good.
Instead I propose we look at the annotations and examples you provide 
and think how they could be implemented with existing standards + a 
minimal set of additional
annotations that fit well into an existing technology.


Am 13.09.2015 um 19:13 schrieb Jean-Baptiste Onofré:
> Hi Christian,
> Workload is one thing, multi-dependencies/pom/etc is something.
> In the annotations, even if the workload is the same, it's the kind of 
> annotations. The purpose is to provide more high level, use case 
> centric annotations, more than low level technical one.
> I agree that we could extend the maven-blueprint-plugin, but I would 
> prefer to keep it more high level and decoupled from the underlying 
> technology involved.
> karaf-boot purpose is to be straight forward and avoid the "big mess & 
> soup about what should I use, what the version, etc".
> I'm still convince that at least a BoM provided by karaf-boot is 
> interesting.
> I'm also still think that an abstract Karaf oriented is valid.
> Regards
> JB

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