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From "Pietrafeso, Cameron" <cameron.pietraf...@Polycom.com>
Subject Karaf 4.0.1 JVM Extention Export to Jetty Not Working
Date Mon, 31 Aug 2015 20:19:59 GMT
Sorry, I was unable to really open this defect in Jira (not sure what's
wrong) so I thought I'd just inform the mailing list directly and maybe
someone there could open it if they thought it was a bug.


When adding a JVM extension JAR (to lib/ext), and then using a class (static
method call) from this JAR in the jetty.xml file, the call fails not able to
find the class (and Jetty does not start up).  This is with Karaf 4.0.1.
The exact same procedure worked in previous 3.x versions of Karaf as well as
with a raw Jetty 9.x distributions.  Also happens using either Felix or


Attached is a test JAR (and JAVA source), the jetty.xml configuration, and
the modified jre.properties file (to export the extension package), along
with a log of Karaf when I execute: feature:install pax-http-jetty, to
startup Jetty.





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