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From Morgan Hautman <morgan.haut...@gmail.com>
Subject [PROPOSAL/DISCUSSION] Apache Karaf new website summary
Date Tue, 06 Oct 2015 11:02:07 GMT

First of all, thank you all for so much feedback! I really appreciate it.

Let's summarize a bit what everyone said:

- The look&feel on phone is very very less readable and it doesn't work 
well. We all agree on this. Like Achim said I also thought Bootstrap 
helped on this or maybe I used it wrong. (to check)
- The menu and the top "div" with the logo's in it, have colors who are 
to dark.
- The top "div" with the logo's in it, is too large. (height)
- The contrast between the font color and menu is not enough. (That will 
change when to colors will be less dark)

If I forgot something please mention it.

If people want to play with it , let me know and I 'll put it on Github.

I will submit new proposals when I have done some improvements.

Again, Thank you all!

@JB: I 'll be waiting for the new ASF logo, the Karaf logo gimp project 
and some more appropriate content to display on the homepage.


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