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From Jean-Baptiste Onofré ...@nanthrax.net>
Subject Re: [DISCUSSION] Karaf docker.io
Date Thu, 15 Oct 2015 12:36:42 GMT
You got the points Serge ;)


On 10/15/2015 02:34 PM, Serge Huber wrote:
> I love it ! Is it production ready ?… uh wait docker is not :)
> More seriously, between this and karaf-boot I think that the story in terms of starting
to deploying a project can really be improved greatly. We could then even push the docker
images to a docker repository.
> That way you can launch Docker Unomi instances in a large cluster with just a few CLI
instructions :)
> cheers,
>    Serge…
>> On 15 oct. 2015, at 14:09, Jean-Baptiste Onofré <jb@nanthrax.net> wrote:
>> Hi guys,
>> let me "relaunch" this very old thread ;)
>> Even if most of us already use docker to run Karaf, I think that karaf-docker could
be a key and very interesting combination with karaf-boot.
>> Imagine the following scenario:
>> - you construct your application thanks to karaf-boot (and the different starters,
karaf-boot-maven-plugin, etc)
>> - using your codebase, and the different starters that you use, the karaf-boot-maven-plugin
creates a Karaf custom distribution for you
>> - now, you can directly start your Karaf custom distribution on your machines, your
cloud, or docker: it's where karaf-docker can help.
>> In addition of the Karaf custom distribution, karaf-docker (and so the karaf-docker-plugin
that could be part of karaf-boot) can provide a ready to run docker image with your custom
Karaf distribution: you don't have to prepare anything, the dockerfile, or whatever, it will
be done for you.
>> Of course, we keep the current features part of karaf-docker (the fact to manage
docker images directly in Karaf). I would like to add a new set of features in karaf-docker:
be able to create "business oriented" Karaf (based on the first point). For instance, you
want a Karaf WebContainer, Karaf Hibernate, just use docker:create command to create a custom
Karaf distribution in a docker image, this distribution will have "pre-installed/bootFeatures"
as you described in the shell command.
>> Basically, karaf-boot and karaf-docker are in the same boat to provide more user
experience, flexible systems (profiles oriented) and killer services platform.
>> I know that it's ambitious, but I trust in you all guys to help and drive Karaf to
a new dimension.
>> Thoughts ?
>> Regards
>> JB
>> On 02/11/2015 08:43 PM, Jean-Baptiste Onofré wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> In order to provide an alternative to the instances, I started to work
>>> on a small PoC providing simple and convenient docker.io support in Karaf.
>>> The purpose is to easily manage images, containers, and be able to
>>> provision/create container with Karaf instances.
>>> For instance, this is a current available use case:
>>> 1/ You can create a docker.io container in two ways:
>>> 1.1/ karaf@root()> docker:bootstrap mydock
>>> creates a fresh docker.io container using karaf:3.0.3 image. I prepared
>>> different ready to use docker.io images for Karaf. I'm working on an
>>> embedded docker hub, with the appropriate commands to administrate it.
>>> 1.2/ karaf@root()> docker:provision mydock
>>> creates a docker.io container (using a karaf image) and copy the current
>>> running instance in the dock.
>>> 1.3/ It's also possible to start from a dockerfile.
>>> 2/ Once the dock (I named it dock meaning docker.io container where a
>>> karaf instance is living) is ready, you can control it using
>>> docker:start, docker:stop, docker:delete commands.
>>> 3/ it's possible to connect to a running dock using docker:connect command
>>> I'm working on docker:image*, docker:hub, and improve the existing
>>> docker* features.
>>> However, before moving forward on this, I would like to know if it makes
>>> sense and if people are interested by it.
>>> By the way, the code is on my github:
>>> http://github.com/jbonofre/karaf-docker.
>>> I will push my last changes tomorrow morning.
>>> Any comment is welcome.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Regards
>>> JB
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>> jbonofre@apache.org
>> http://blog.nanthrax.net
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