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From Łukasz Dywicki <l...@code-house.org>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Create karaf-4.2.x branch and move master to 4.3.x supporting R7
Date Fri, 02 Nov 2018 18:12:37 GMT
I think it would be good to cut 4.1.7 release (I am actually depending
on it now). I messed up tooling in few minor releases (.5, and .6) by
single commit. After that we could let 4.1.x go into low maintenance mode.

My reasoning is that migration between minor releases of Karaf become a
problem - the buggy commit I introduced come out during migration from
4.0.8 to 4.1.4. I did an attempt last week to move back from 4.2 tooling
to 4.1 and ran into trap I left myself. I also had smaller troubles in
tooling area. My point is that some of migrations happens quite late and
not all projects are following upstream. I know they should, but
sometimes its not easy to drop one branch and switch to completely new one.

Some of ODL community members complained about migration and I think
their points are valid. Some parameters in tooling haven't been
deprecated but got renamed without notice. The only one example I can
point at this moment is 4.0 and 4.1 profilesUri which is profilesUris in
I know its small problem and easy to fix, however things like that hit
our users much harder than us.


On 02.10.2018 10:27, Jean-Baptiste Onofré wrote:
> Just a quick update on this one.
> I have a set of local branches that I would like to merge on master
> before cutting the 4.2.x branch.
> Then I will rebase my R7 update branch.
> I keep you posted.
> Regards
> JB
> On 24/09/2018 10:01, Jean-Baptiste Onofré wrote:
>> Hi guys,
>> based on what Guillaume started already, I moved forward during the week
>> end on OSGi R7 support in Karaf.
>> I think I will have something fully ready this week (during ApacheCon ;)).
>> Once my PR is ready, I propose the following plan:
>> - create the karaf-4.2.x branch with the current master
>> - bump version on master to 4.3.0-SNAPSHOT and merge the R7 PR
>> - "flag" 4.1.x branch as non active
>> Thoughts ?
>> By the way, I will be at ApacheCon Montréal from tomorrow up to Thursday
>> afternoon. If you want to meet, talk about Karaf and related, please let
>> me know !
>> Regards
>> JB

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