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From Jean-Baptiste Onofré ...@nanthrax.net>
Subject Re: R7 Configurator Spec. 1.0: start level
Date Sat, 10 Aug 2019 08:07:25 GMT

generally speaking, Karaf only distinguish "user space bundles" (start
level >= 80) from "system space bundles" (start level < 80).

The system bundles start level depends of the bundles in
etc/startup.properties and boot features. It's not really Karaf related
(only for the Karaf inner features).

In your case, as you are using Configurator with the JSON dep, I would
consider Configurator bundle as system bundle (I would say started at
same level as ConfigAdmin) and JSON P any start level before the

So, concretely, I would do SPI Fly 30, Johnzon Core 31 and Configurator
31 for the start level.

In Karaf 4.3.x, you will have Configurator as part of the config feature.


On 09/08/2019 16:49, Markus Rathgeb wrote:
> Hi,
> after starting to use the configurator
> (https://osgi.org/specification/osgi.cmpn/7.0.0/service.configurator.html)
> I created a Karaf feature, so I can use my bundles in Karaf, too.
> Here is just a snapshot of a working one:
> https://github.com/maggu2810/playground-osgi/blob/5a7629e/features/runtime/src/main/feature/feature.xml
> org.apache.felix/org.apache.felix.configurator/1.0.10 needs an
> JSON-P_1.1 (JSR-353) implementation.
> This is provided e.g. by johnzon-core.
> The implementation is accessed by the service loader (SPI), so I used
> org.apache.aries.spifly/org.apache.aries.spifly.dynamic.bundle/1.2.3
> The JSON-P implementation needs to be provided by the service loader
> as soon as the configurator is started.
> What's your intention (I assume you will add such a feature to Karaf
> 4.3) about the start-levels?
> Is there an official guideline about the choose (e.g. 5, 20, 30, ...)
> of start-level and how Karaf defines it in its official features?
> SPI Fly uses 30 in the official Karaf features.
> We could use > 30 for the configurator and ensure Johnzon Core also
> uses =30 or what's your suggestion?
> Thanks in advance,
> Markus

Jean-Baptiste Onofré
Talend - http://www.talend.com

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