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From Markus Rathgeb <maggu2...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: R7 Configurator Spec. 1.0: start level
Date Sat, 24 Aug 2019 09:03:36 GMT

> The system bundles start level depends of the bundles in
> etc/startup.properties and boot features. It's not really Karaf related
> (only for the Karaf inner features).

Sure, start level itself are not Karaf related at all, but the
question has been more about "how are the start level chosen that are
used by the (official) Karaf features".

> So, concretely, I would do SPI Fly 30, Johnzon Core 31 and Configurator
> 31 for the start level.

Shouldn't the configurator started "as soon as possible"?
All services should act correctly if configuration changes, but if the
configuration is applied before services starts the first time, we
could reduce the re-start of services because the configuration
So, I assume it will reduce the load and the time of being fully up
(with correct configuration) on every restart if the configuator and
the bundles providing configuration are started as soon as possible.

IIRC SPI Fly does not depend on any other bundle (except the core
framework), so it could make sense to start it earlier (e.g. 20)

> In Karaf 4.3.x, you will have Configurator as part of the config feature.

I don't know which JSON-P implementation you are choosing, because I
cannot find the config feature using the configurator in the master
branch, but Johnzon Core also just depend on the API bundle.

The question for me has been if it would make sense to use e.g. 25 for
the configurator, so user provided configuration (custom distribution)
can choose a startlevel between 26 (inclusive) and 29 (inclusive) to
inject a configuration before the other "Karaf inner features" are
started (so the configuration is already used).

Best regards,

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