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From Xtra Coder <xtraco...@gmail.com>
Subject Secured asymetric cluster of Karaf nodes using Apache Cellar
Date Mon, 11 Mar 2019 18:16:18 GMT
Hello, I’m designing a solution with some specific requirements.

Shortly they are following
1.	Whole solution consist of features [F1, F2 …,  FN] and in development
environment they are  deployed altogether into single Karaf instance – that
is simple

2.	Solution has number of subject areas, these areas are implemented like
a.	Area 1 = F1 +F2 + F3 + corresponding config sections [F1, F2, F3]
b.	Area 2 = F1 +F3 + F5 + ... corresponding config sections …

3.	In planned production we have ..

4.	… Super-admin, able to manage cluster nodes and all configuration options
for all areas

5.	… strict security requirements, where each area is maintained by own
dedicated people. I.e. support personnel having physical access to cluster
Area1-nodes should not have physical access to nodes and configuration
options of Area 2 (with own passwords in db connection strings and so on)

So the question is – “Is Apache Cellar able to maintain such landscape?” 

If yes – hints to implement this are welcome. 
If no - hints to use solutions other than Cellar are welcome.

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