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From t..@quarendon.net
Subject Replacing or blacklisting felix fileinstall
Date Wed, 13 Mar 2019 13:50:01 GMT
I'm trying to experiment with an alternative way of loading up configuration. So my goal is
to disable felix fileinstall and provide an alternative implementation of the org.apache.felix.cm.PersistenceManager

However, so far I'm having great difficulty either blacklisting fileinstall or replacing it.

in etc/org.apache.karaf.features.xml I have tried:


However I can't get this to have any effect. I have traced through with a debugger, and the
LocationPattern.matches method is returning true, and it appears to be doing the right thing
at that level, but the bundle still starts. I can't see any log messages that might be relevant.

I also tried using <bundleReplacements> in that file too. I had slight success -- I
can use:

and can compile my own version of fileinstall 3.6.5 and I can see that it's being loaded in.

I say can. I could. I did that this morning, though I seem unable to reproduce that now, I'm
getting both versions of the bundle now. Anyway, I struggled to change the group and artifact
to something else (wasn't changing any code, I was just changing the pom to change the maven
coordinates it was building to and then trying to reference that in the replacement url).
But as soon as I did that it went back to loading the original.

Anyone got a recipe for providing an alternative implementation of file install?


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