The Apache Kudu team is happy to announce the release of Kudu 0.10.0!

Kudu is an open source storage engine for structured data which supports low-latency random access together with efficient analytical access patterns. It is designed within the context of the Apache Hadoop ecosystem and supports many integrations with other data analytics projects both inside and outside of the Apache Software Foundation.

This latest version adds several new features, including:

- Users may now manually manage the partitioning of a range-partitioned table by adding or dropping range partitions after a table has been created. This can be particularly helpful for time-series workloads.

Read more about this feature in Dan Burkert's blog post at:

- Multi-master (HA) Kudu clusters are now significantly more stable. 

- Administrators may now reserve a certain amount of disk space on each of its configured data directories.

- Kudu's integration with Spark has been substantially improved and is much more flexible.

This release also includes many bug fixes and other improvements, detailed in the release notes available at:

Download the source release here:

The Apache Kudu team