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From Jason Heo <jason.heo....@gmail.com>
Subject What's the effect of increasing budgeted_compaction_target_rowset_size
Date Wed, 22 Mar 2017 02:44:15 GMT
Hi, Congrats. Apache Kudu 1.3.

I'm using Kudu 1.2 on CDH 5.10

Compaction Policy
says that:

> Compactions are necessary in order to reduce the number of DiskRowSets
which must be consulted for various operations, thus improving the overall
performance of the tablet.

But in my case, number of DiskRowSets are not decreased, even increased :(

   - Before Compaction: 22
   - After Compaction: 30

Here are captured images.



So, I'm considering increasing `budgeted_compaction_target_rowset_size`
from 32MB to 64MB.

Before changing, I'd like to know what what's the downside of bigger disk
rowset size.

Thanks in advanced.

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