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From Jason Heo <jason.heo....@gmail.com>
Subject How to calculate the optimal value of `maintenance_manager_num_threads`
Date Fri, 24 Mar 2017 08:39:54 GMT

I'm using Apache Kudu 1.2 on CDH 5.10.

Recently, after reading "Bulk write performance improvements for Kudu 1.4
I've noticed that `maintenance_manager_num_threads` is 4 for the 5 spinning

In my cluster, each node has 10 SATA disks with RAID 1+0 (WAL and Data
directory located in the same partition). As Todd suggested, bulk loading
is doing in PK sorted manner. I think CPU usage and System Load of my
cluster is not high at this moment, so I think it could be increased a
little bit more.

Would someone please suggest the number of my environment?

Thanks in advanced.

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