Hi Jose - 

You can verify the table names for the quickstart via the Kudu web UI at: http://quickstart.cloudera:8051/tables

Can you try the table name "impala::default.sfmta"? 

On Sun, May 28, 2017 at 4:36 PM, jose antonio rodriguez diaz <josearodriguezd@gmail.com> wrote:

I downloaded the quickstart VM of apache kudu and I have followed the examples just like they appears in this page https://kudu.apache.org/docs/quickstart.html, in fact I created the table named "sfmta" but when I tried to to access to the kudu table using spark-shell with the following sentence:

val df = spark.sqlContext.read.options(Map("kudu.master" -> "quickstart.cloudera:7051","kudu.table" -> "sfmta")).kudu

I get this error

org.apache.kudu.client.NonRecoverableException: The table does not exist: table_name: "sfmta"

I have tried also specifying different tables names like "default:sfmta", "default::sfmta" with the same result. Could you tell me why is this happening? why I can not access to kudu table? is this for being created with impala?

Thanks in advance.

Ryan Bosshart
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