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From Tao Yan <t...@linkedin.com>
Subject Support Native HIVE QL
Date Fri, 19 Aug 2016 20:40:33 GMT
Hi Lens Developer,

I am trying to convert the existing hive queries to Lens cube query and
found it is not possible to convert if the hive query uses UDFs or
hive-only features. So, I wonder if Lens could support native hive queries,
i.e. use can submit hive query in Lens portal, and Lens pass the query to
Hive as it is.

The reason I am asking this is because most companies who may use Lens
should already have many hive queries in production, and if we could first
use Lens to manage all the queries and gradually convert some queries to
Lens QL as Lens QL functionalities enhances, then, probably Lens will be
used to serve most of the query requests, but Lens will still need to
support users' submission of native DB queries at that time since some
features is not part of the SQL standard. The philosophy is very similar to
why Hibernate support standard SQL.


*Tao Yan*
Software Engineer
Data Analytics Infrastructure Tools and Services


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