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From Ceki Gülcü <c...@qos.ch>
Subject Re: Fw: [svjug-announce] Digest Number 117
Date Fri, 28 May 2004 15:00:21 GMT

I'd take what the JBoss people say with a grain of salt. Should be very
interesting nonetheless. Lucky you.

At 02:39 AM 5/27/2004, you wrote:
>If anyone is in the Silicon Valley area on 6/9, I plan to attend this
>meeting of our local Java users group.  Should be fun. :-)
>----- Original Message -----
>Subject: June 9th|*Professional Open Source and future of JBoss|*Marc
>Fleury, JBoss & Gavin King, Hibernate
>Meeting....: Silicon Valley Java Users Group (SVJUG)
>Time.......: June 9,2004 (second Wednesday of each month)
>Cost.......: Always FREE to all!
>Topic......: Professional Open Source and future of JBoss
>Speaker....: Marc Fleury, Founder & President, JBoss Inc.
>      (http://www.jboss.com)
>      Gavin King, Founder Hibernate
>       (http://hibernate.sourceforge.net)
>Marc Fleury, founder and president of JBoss Inc.
>and Gavin King, founder and lead developer of
>Hibernate will describe the Professional Open
>Source model and what the future means for key
>open source Java products such as JBoss Application
>Server, Hibernate, JBoss Cache, and others.  This
>talk will also include detailed technical discussions
>about the Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP) framework
>and the role the Microkernel plays within the JBoss
>Application Server.  We will move beyond just simple
>logging examples to cover all standard reusable aspect
>technologies present in JBoss such as persistence,
>caching, invocations, transactions, and acidity.
>As a bonus, this session will also include detailed
>coverage of key additional open source Java products
>such as Hibernate, the world's most popular open
>source O/R Mapping and Transparent Object Persistence
>product and JBoss Cache, a unique transactional
>replicated cache. This session will also give attendees
>the chance to ask questions of two of the most recognized
>leaders in open source Java software.
>Speaker Bio:
>Marc Fleury is currently the founder and president
>of JBoss Inc, the industry's largest open source Java
>software provider. Based in Atlanta, JBoss Inc.
>has instituted the Professional Open Source model
>whereby open source Java products are
>supported by the actual core development teams.  A
>graduate of France's Ecole Polytechnique, and an
>ex-Lieutenant in the French paratroopers, Marc received
>a Masters in Theoretical Physics from the Ecole
>Nationale Superieure rue d'Ulm and a PhD in Physics
>from Ecole Polytechnique for experimental work he did
>as a visiting scientist at MIT's Research Lab of
>Electronics.  Marc began his professional career at
>Sun Microsystems France in sales before transitioning
>to engineering, where he worked in SAP development
>for Sun in Silicon Valley.  Shortly after leaving
>Sun to work as an independent software contractor,
>Marc started the JBoss open source Java Application
>Server project.
>Gavin King is the founder and lead developer of the
>Hibernate project, an open source Object/Relational
>Mapping and Transparent Object Persistence product.
>Gavin was born in Australia and still resides in
>Melbourne.  Gavin studied mathematics at the Monash
>University before deciding to make the leap into
>open source software. He currently works on Hibernate
>and a new Hibernate-based CMP engine for JBoss Inc.,
>the Professional Open Source company and supplier
>of technical support services for a suite of Open
>Source Java products.  Gavin has recently co-authored
>a forthcoming book titled Hibernate in Action that
>will be published by Manning.  He is also an active
>participant in the JDO expert group.
>18:30-19:00 Arrive & mingle with Food
>Pizza & Soda courtesy of --
>19:00-20:30 Presentation by Marc Fleury & Gavin King
>Location...: Netscape Communications, Inc.
>Planet Mo'z Dining Room
>468 Ellis Street (Bldg. 22)
>Mountain View, CA
>Map available at http://svjug.org/
>After turning onto Ellis from Middlefield, you will
>pass 2 big blue glass buildings on the right. Turn
>left into the 3 big brown stone buildings just after
>the blue buildings. The 3rd brown building at the
>end is Building 22. The Planet M'oz Conference room
>is at the south West end of the building.
>Sponsors...: Netscape provides our meeting room.
>Croftsoft provides our domain hosting.
>Our thanks to these great sponsors!
>Silicon Valley Java Users Group (SVJUG)

Ceki Gülcü

      For log4j documentation consider "The complete log4j manual"
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