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From Ceki Gülcü <c...@qos.ch>
Subject Re: Starting work on UGLI
Date Mon, 07 Jun 2004 17:50:30 GMT
Stephen McConnell wrote:

 > I'm presuming that the phrase "logging interface required to access
 > logging" is specifically the client interface against which a logging
 > message is invoked (as opposed to anything related to how an instance of
 > that interface is created).  Is that correct?

Good question. UGLI will consist mostly of interfaces to be
implemented by others, log4j for one.

Given that the UGLI will cater for libraries implemented as POJOs,
there is a need to standardize the logger creation mechanism. However,
this does not mean that IoC techniques could not be used to inject
logger instances into the POJO.

 > The second phrase "configuration of the logging system" is somewhat
 > broader and I wanted to find out if your thinking about the general area
 > of how plug-in logging targets can be managed in a managed classloader
 > environment.  This subject is currently the major obstacle to the use of
 > different logging solutions and a common API for loading, deploying and
 > releasing plug-in target factories would be a big step forward.

Questions regarding configuration of logger contexts are outside the
scope of UGLI.

BTW, you can see an initial draft in


Ceki Gülcü

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