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From Michaël CATANZARITI <mca...@apache.org>
Subject a few remarks about Web sites
Date Wed, 21 Jul 2004 04:10:57 GMT
Hi all !

These are a few remarks about web sites

- I think the main web site should have a direct link to the Apache home page (like in log4cxx,
log4net, and log4php)
- May be each sister project should have the same top items in the menu bar
- Each sister project should have the same font
- The "Bug Reporting" section in the logging site is too specific to log4j. How can add a
link to log4cxx Jira repository ?

In the "Plan" section, the link to "Cactus project's roadmap" is broken
In the "Download" section, the link to log4cxx, logphp, log4net are the old ones but the not
the Apache ones. May be could you specify official Apache logging sister projects separately
from the other ports.

Theses remarks not only concerning the web sites :

What about having the same XML schema or DTD for all projects with the a main tag "apache.logging"
instead of "log4j" or "log4php" or "log4net" ?
We could have some common names for common Layouts and Appender : "apache.logging.FileAppender",
"apache.logging.ConsoleAppender", "apache.logging.PatternLayout", but let each sister project
add specific appenders and layout.
We could find a common format spec for the PatternLayout.
We could publish the XML schema or DTD (I prefer xchema) on the main logging site.
We could public common UML diagrams (Platform Independant Models, the left branch of the MDA
Y) in the main logging site.
We could have a common road map to support new Appenders, Layouts, or common features.

That's all for the moment :-))


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