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From Niclas Hedhman <nic...@hedhman.org>
Subject Re: [DISCUSSION] Bylaw changes
Date Wed, 13 Jul 2005 17:26:46 GMT
On Saturday 02 July 2005 03:25, Curt Arnold wrote:
> The same goal could be accomplished by just granting cross-sub-
> project committer rights, but it seems cleaner to modify the voting  
> rules to provide some means for these votes to become binding when  
> the subproject is short of a quorum.

Maybe I am mistaken, but isn't the Board seeking a long-term solution of TLPs 
taking full responsibility of the entire codebase under its wings, and that 
Jakarta is slowly going to be dismantled to this effect?

May take on that is that it is the intention that committers (which many 
top-notch ASF member open says should be the same as the PMC members) of a 
TLP should be responsible for the entire codebase, not only a particular 
sub-project, which would then automatically solve this issue at LS simply by 
adjusting committer authorization.

But again, I may have misunderstood something along the way. Perhaps a 
clarification from the Board is in order.


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