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From "Boris Unckel" <boris.unckel....@gmx.net>
Subject Re: JULI proposal
Date Thu, 20 Oct 2005 09:38:31 GMT
Good Morning,

Yoav Shapira wrote:

>>>>It would be very easy for JCL to support JULI, they would recognize it
>>>>the system property.
>>This is the exact kind of trap that leads to nightmares in the Tomcat
>>when some webapps want JULI and some don't but there's only one system
>>property.  This is exactly what I mean when I say from the Tomcat


>>the current tomcat JULI is the bare minimum, and anything above it
>>things have been tried) has led us to complications.

The system property to recognize JULI is a misunderstanding:
JULI is behind jul:
User perspective:
java.util.logging.Logger myLoggerForMyWebAppClass =

There should be never a import org.apache.juli.*/** in user code.

Current Tomcat JULI and the one provided by me do not differ in the way jul
loads them during the bootstrap phase (via static constructor inside
java.util.logging.LogFactory). This is the official, documented, and
intended way of SUN to do this.

JCL could decide for one JVM instance to use a wrapper class to jul or to
recognize JULI is behind the scene (in JCL mode) and cast the Logger class
to jcl.Log.
If JULI is running configured for JCL and JCL is not prepared for this, it
will change nothing, the jcl.impl.JDK14Logger will work fine.

JULI is not a YALI - yet another logging implementation. It is an add-on to
the current java.util.logging.*
User code will not change if JULI is present or not (neither compile-time
nor runtime)

>>I'd suggest your enhancements to the JDK team via their BugParade.  If
>>really as simple and valuable as you suggest, they should be integrated
>>java.util.logging within the next JSE 5 update or so.

 :-)  Hm, once there was Logger inside the Apache world and JDK 1.3 had no
logger. Sun (or the JCP) did not take the code but the concepts
for brewing their own cocktail for JDK1.4. I do not believe that Sun or the
JCP will do anything about it.
Open source is one step ahead of the JSE and JEE world, but most things are
not in the next JSE or JEE release.
And that is exactly our market - one step ahead.

>>Again, please don't take this personally.

I don't. I am happy to discuss the usecase, strategy, system...
Due to I never will get money for it, it is for learning and fun.
If Apache formally rejects JULI I still can publish it elsewhere
under the same license, with my personal copyright and by renaming
the top level package. I still hope that logging.apache.org will be
the home for JULI.


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