I requested that day/time with a fallback to 9:30.  I figured Monday is better than Tuesday.

I hope folks can make it to the conference!  I agree the timing is not ideal, but it sounds like we are lucky there was a US conference this year.

I'm flying in Sunday afternoon (10/11) and will be leaving Wednesday evening (10/14).


On 10/20/05, Yoav Shapira <yoavs@apache.org> wrote:
Still assuming I'll make it there (our semester ends on 12/15, so ApacheCon has
horrendous timing with regards to final exams, final projects, etc. ;(), I'd
prefer 8:30pm on Monday as well.


--- Mark Womack <mwomack@apache.org> wrote:

> They are planning BoF's for ApacheCon.
> On Monday or Tuesday at either 8:30pm or 9:30pm and they should run for
> about an hour.  Does anyone have a preference day/time wise?  I'm for Monday
> 8:30.
> -Mark

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