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From Stephan Strittmatter <Step...@st-strittmatter.name>
Subject Re: JavaScript (was Re: Quarterly Report to the Board)
Date Fri, 04 Aug 2006 11:03:45 GMT
BTW, I would feel honored if my project would be worth and I would
donate my sources as a basis to Apache.

I will spend also more effort and time on the contribution in future.

Currently I am in contact with the project leader of log4javascript (at
SF). The project is very similar to Log4js and he is also interested in
spending effort on Apache.

I will have a deeper look on log4javascript during the next days, but it
looks for me rather easy to combine these two projects to get the best
from both.

Cheers, Stephan

Stephan Strittmatter schrieb:
> Curt Arnold schrieb:
>> On Aug 3, 2006, at 7:26 AM, Stephan Strittmatter wrote:
>>> I think the time is now worth to think about a JavaScript logging
>>> framework hosted on Apache Logging site. What do you think? In the last
>>> months there have came up a lot of frameworks in this direction. I
>>> collected them partly on
>>> http://log4js.berlios.de/links.html#otherProjects and the list is still
>>> growing.
>>> IMHO it is a good idea to consolidate this big set to a solid framework
>>> on Apache.
>>> Yes, I have also designed such a framework (when starting I found no one
>>> else doing that 1,5 years ago) together with Seth, but I can see there a
>>> lot other worthy frameworks which could be probably merged together on
>>> Apache Logging.
>>> What do you think about this?
>>> Kind regards,
>>> Stephan Strittmatter
>> I'm supportive but personally resource constrained.  If a JavaScript
>> framework (or frameworks) were to happen in Logging Services, their
>> would need to be new contributors making substantial contributions in
>> time and effort.
>> I think the best next step would be to establish mechanisms for
>> discussion and brainstorming and then inviting authors of JavaScript
>> frameworks and other interested parties to discuss what could or should
>> be done.  Some possible mechanisms (one or more could be used):
>> general@logging.apache.org mailing list
>> a log4js JIRA project
>> a log4js Wiki
>> a sandbox area in the SVN
>> Any others?
> I think this will be a good start. On my project at
> http://log4js.berlios.de I use also these mechanisms. Probably also some
> webspace would be greate.
>> I'm not sure that it is a good idea to try to unify one implementation,
>> but I think it would be beneficial to try to define (likely not
>> rigorously) a spec and provide one or more interoperable implementation
>> and a test suite.
> Yes, it will be difficult to unify them. I already tried to contact some
> of the projects, but still with no success.
>> Potential implementations:
>> JavaScript bridge to log4net that would be useful for ASP.NET code so
>> that logging from the script code could be interspersed with traditional
>> log4net logging from .NET components.
> This I want to add this also to Log4js
>> Same thing for Java using log4j.
> Currently I work on this for Log4js.
> For PHP there exists already a small example in the svn.
>> "Pure" javascript implementation for browser-side code.
> This exists already in Log4js using different Appenders and Layouts.
>> Others?
>> I'd appreciate comments, suggestions and indications of interest.
> For the Web2.0 and Ajax Hype, the bridges to the servers (.NET, Java,
> PHP) will get more and more important. Because of that I currently work
> on this. The problem is, that I am not familiar with .NET.

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