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From general.supp...@aanval.com
Subject Important Change | Re: Important Change | Re: [VOTE] PMC vote on Elias Ross as a new Log4j committer
Date Tue, 21 Nov 2006 22:04:45 GMT
This message is for all users sending submissions to "general.support@aanval.com";

** This address is no longer receiving support or assistance submissions. **

Aanval now requires all support and assistance requests to be entered into our new form based
support ticket system.

To submit for support or request assistance, please visit:
http://www.aanval.com/?op=pub_ticketForm or http://www.aanval.com/?op=pub_support

This new system takes effect on 06/24/06 and should be used until further notice.

Thank you,

Your original message was not forwarded to support and has been deleted. You will be required
to use the new form based ticket submission system. Do not reply to this email address.

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