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From Christian Grobmeier <grobme...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [site] Error building site
Date Fri, 26 Mar 2010 05:34:06 GMT
> The publish phase does an subversion commit which triggers en editor for the commit message.
> $ export SVN_EDITOR=xemacs
> $ mvn site-deploy

actually I did:
$ export SVN_EDITOR=vi
which i thought would help. Well, maybe next time :-)

> There were also two files that were generated with inconsistent line ends.  I'm guessing
that is a bug that has crept into Doxia since the last time the script has been run.  I've
worked around it by adding a fixcrlf task to the build.xml file.


> $ svn update

I did it - its not visible on logging.apache.org - maybe it takes a while?

> Running svn stat on that directory shows that all of log4php's content with the exception
of index.html was not checked out from the SVN.  Unless there has been a change, infrastructure
prefers site content to be checked out from the svn repo so they can rebuild the site without
having to rebuild to content.  Most of the complexity of site-deploy is to fool Maven to
support that approach, though there may have been improvements since I put our kludge together.

I understand. In the past we had some job checking the stuff out and
deploying it automatically on webserver. But lets change it. I will
try to understand site-deploy more and adapt the process log4j has.

Cheers + thanks again

> On Mar 25, 2010, at 2:23 AM, Christian Grobmeier wrote:
>> thanks that helped for building - but now it simply stops after:
>> "svn-commit.tmp"
>>     [exec] "svn-commit.tmp" 25L, 601C
>> No error message, no more activity. Before it prepared the site. Seems
>> its not able to commit. Any ideas why?
>>> Please check the PMC members in pom.xml.  Don't think I've added you.
>> Yeah, added myself and Christian Hammers

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