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From Christian Grobmeier <grobme...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Apache Log4j 2.0-beta9 released
Date Sat, 21 Sep 2013 19:42:23 GMT
Ignore my last message - it made it through.


Ralph Goers schrieb:
> The Apache Log4j 2 team is pleased to announce the Log4j 2.0-beta9 release!
> Apache log4j is a well known framework for logging application behavior. Log4j 2 is an
upgrade to
> Log4j that provides significant improvements over its predecessor, Log4j 1.x, and provides
> many of the improvements available in Logback while fixing some inherent problems in
> architecture.
> This is the eleventh release of Log4j 2 and is being made available to encourage use
and feedback from the community.
> Bug fixes and enhancements
> Changes in this version include:
> New features:
> o LOG4J2-399:  Allow the default file rollover strategy to define the compression level.

> o LOG4J2-338:  Add TLSAppender. Also added missing license headers to several files.
Thanks to Tibor Benke. 
> o LOG4J2-253:  Added FAQ page to the site. 
> o LOG4J2-362:  Add a diagram to the site (FAQ page) that explains when to use which jar.

> o LOG4J2-374:  Add more options to PatternLayout to display more detailed information
about a Throwable. Thanks to Tibor Benke. 
> o LOG4J2-383:  [Pattern Layout] Customize level names by length. 
> o LOG4J2-384:  [Pattern Layout] Customize level names to lower-case. 
> o LOG4J2-364:  Add WebLookup to retrieve information from the ServletContext. Thanks
to David Nault. 
> o LOG4J2-360:  Allow Plugins to have aliases. 
> o LOG4J2-356:  Create a JSON Layout. 
> o LOG4J2-341:  Enable XInclude for XML configurations. 
> o LOG4J2-313:  Add JNDILookup plugin. Thanks to Woonsan Ko. 
> o LOG4J2-305:  Ease porting from 1.x Logger.getRootLogger(): add LogManager.getRootLogger().

> Fixed Bugs:
> o LOG4J2-226:  Fix table of contents generation in pdf. 
> o LOG4J2-395:  Allow classpath scheme when specifying configuration file location as
a system property. Thanks to Abhinav Shah. 
> o LOG4J2-393:  Initialize PluginManager once during configuration. Move advertisement
setup into BaseConfiguration. 
> o LOG4J2-391:  FlumePersistentManager now handles LockConflictExceptions in Berkeley
Db. Thanks to Kamal Bahadur. 
> o LOG4J2-380:  Use rollover date when substituting ${date} in the filePattern. 
> o LOG4J2-322:  Centralized reflective use of Reflection#getCallerClass and properly handled
its instability in various versions
>         of Java. 
> o LOG4J2-293:  Reset the Configuration if the ClassLoaderContextSelector creates a LoggerContext
without a configuration
>         location and then is later provided one. 
> o LOG4J2-293:  Changed the ConfigurationFactory to recognize and properly use the classpath:
URI scheme in addition to the
>         classloader: URI scheme. Thanks to Abhinav Shah. 
> o LOG4J2-359:  Changed the Servlet 3.0 auto-initializer so that it does nothing in a
Servlet 2.5 or older application. This
>         ensures behavioral consistency across containers. Thanks to Abhinav Shah. 
> o LOG4J2-310:  Fixed issue where SMTPAppender did not send mails with error or fatal
level without prior info event. Thanks to Olivier Lemasle. 
> o LOG4J2-368:  Add PatternLayout constructor to Log4j 1.2 bridge for Velocity. 
> o LOG4J2-333:  Match artifact ids with Maven module names. Thanks to Hervé Boutemy.

> o LOG4J2-367:  JMS appenders send two messages for one append. Thanks to David Parry.

> o LOG4J2-319:  Double stack trace logging when using %throwable in %style and %highlight.

> o LOG4J2-358:  NoSQLAppender using MongoDB provider ignores username and password attributes

> o LOG4J2-343:  Removed unnecessary generics from Appender interface and implementing
classes. Thanks to Henning Schmiedehausen. 
> o LOG4J2-351:  [OSGi] wrong Fragment-Host in manifest files. Thanks to Roland Weiglhofer.

> o LOG4J2-336:  AsyncLogger errors after multiple calls to LoggerContext.reconfigure().
Thanks to Andre Bogus. 
> o LOG4J2-347:  Give the AsyncAppender thread a more descriptive name for easier debugging/profiling.
Thanks to David Phillips. 
> o LOG4J2-332:  Modified documentation to refer to SLF4J Binding instead of SLF4J Bridge.
Thanks to Hervé Boutemy. 
> o LOG4J2-342:  Ignore xml:base attributes. 
> o LOG4J2-309:  Insure jars and distributions only have a single License and Notice file.

> o LOG4J2-320:  JPAAppender stops logging because META-INF/log4j-provider.properties is
left open. 
> o LOG4J2-335:  FlumePersistentManager's writer thread had high CPU usage. 
> o LOG4J2-331:  Removed erroneous check for affected MongoDB records, which always returns
zero on inserts. 
> o LOG4J2-330:  Added a BSON Transformer so that MongoDB can persist Log4j events. 
> o LOG4J2-329:  StatusLogger now only creates StatusData objects if they are the appropriate
logging level. 
> o LOG4J2-328:  FlumePersistentManager was calling Berkeley DB's count method too frequently.

> o LOG4J2-280:  Additional fix to make AsyncAppender threads daemon threads and improve
their thread name. 
> o LOG4J2-165:  The slf4j-ext jar is now an optional dependency of the SLF4J bridge. 
> o LOG4J2-166:  RoutingAppender's default Route can now be an appender reference. 
> o LOG4J2-299:  Add getThrowable method to ThrowableProxy. 
> o LOG4J2-216:  ThrowableProxy no longer extends Throwable. 
> o LOG4J2-311:  Synchronized flush() and close() methods in the XxxFileManager and OutputStreamManager
> o LOG4J2-304:  Fixed Async Loggers memory leak. 
> o LOG4J2-291:  Fixed JDBC, JPA, and NoSQL appenders so that the failover appender properly
fails over on error. 
> o LOG4J2-397:  Logger.info(Message) Javadoc is incorrect. Thanks to Yonatan Graber. 
> Changes:
> o LOG4J2-317:  Renamed FastFileAppender and FastRollingFileAppender to RandomAccessFileAppender
>         and RollingRandomAccessFileAppender. Configurations using the Fast(Rolling)File
>         no longer work and should be modified to use the (Rolling)RandomAccessFile element.

> o Changed the "suppressExceptions" configuration attribute for all Appenders to "ignoreExceptions"
to avoid
>         confusion with Java 7 suppressed exceptions. Also renamed the Appender#isExceptionSuppressed()
method to
>         Appender#ignoreExceptions() to avoid the same confusion. All Appenders by default
internally log and then ignore
>         exceptions encountered while logging. Setting "ignoreExceptions" to "false" on
an Appender causes it to allow
>         exceptions to propagate to the caller. You must set "ignoreExceptions" to "false"
for Appenders you are wrapping
>         in the Failover Appender. 
> o Changed the (relatively new) PatternLayout configuration attribute "suppressExceptions"
>         "alwaysWriteExceptions" to more correctly indicate what it does. As such, the
meaning of this attribute has
>         reversed (previous "true"s should become "false"s, and vice versa). Since this
was an undocumented attribute up
>         until now, it's unlikely this change will affect any users. 
> o LOG4J2-355:  Add support for multiple SD-ELEMENTs in a RFC 5424 syslog message. Thanks
to Tibor Benke. 
> o Cleaned up tests and cleared up documentation for the JPA appender following the resolution
of EclipseLink
>         issue #412454. 
> o LOG4J2-318:  Allow shutdown hook to be disabled in the configuration. 
> o LOG4J2-312:  XML layout improvements (compact vs. pretty, namespace, namespace prefix,
root element). 
> o LOG4J2-388:  Update Java Mail dependency to 1.5.0 from 1.4.7. 
> o LOG4J2-325:  Update JDBC tests to use H2 database 1.3.173 from 1.3.172. 
> o LOG4J2-366:  Update commons-logging to 1.1.3 from 1.1.1. 
> o LOG4J2-390:  Update HSQLDB dependency to 2.3.0 from 2.2.9. 
> o LOG4J2-308:  Clarified which library versions were used in Async Loggers performance
> o LOG4J2-307:  Updated Async Loggers' LMAX Disruptor library from 3.0.1 to 3.2.0. 
> o LOG4J2-306:  Update JSON Jackson library to 2.2.2 from 2.2.1. 
> o LOG4J2-387:  Update Jackson dependency to 1.9.13 from 1.9.11. 
> o Improved site by adding quick jump-off page and menu for Javadoc links for all components.

> Apache Log4j 2.0-beta9 requires a minimum of Java 6 to build and run. Basic compatibility
> Log4j 1.x is provided through the log4j-1.2-api component, however it does not implement
some of the
> very implementation specific classes and methods. The package names and Maven groupId
have been changed to
> org.apache.logging.log4j to avoid any conflicts with log4j 1.x.
> For complete information on Apache Log4j 2, including instructions on how to submit bug
> patches, or suggestions for improvement, see the Apache Apache Log4j 2 website:
> http://logging.apache.org/log4j/2.x/

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