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From Ceki Gülcü <...@qos.ch>
Subject RE: java.util.logging
Date Wed, 14 Mar 2001 11:51:11 GMT


Please send me your new version. I will immediately add it in the contribs/ directory of log4j.

At 00:20 14.03.2001 +0100, Jochen Hiller wrote:
>I just did some work to support JSR 047 (hacked partial JSR implementation). We use now
the java.util.logging API in some projects, but the underlying implementation is completely
based on log4j. We use it in EJB and JSP environments. Works fine for JDK 1.2.2, but some
problems with JDK 1.3, as java.* namespace is reserved for java core packages only.
>Workaround: include the jar files in the bootclasspath (uuh, ugly), or change the security
policy (do you know how ?)
>I sent one (older) copy of log4j-loggingapi to Ceki, but I would not propose it to include
in the current log4j distribution due to these restrictions (and other deployment issues with
the JSR jar).
>But if you are interested, I can you send you some code.
>Bye, Jochen
>PS: Sorry for late answer, I cannot regularly read this mailing list.
>Jochen Hiller
>Head of Research
>Bauer & Partner AG
>Esslenstr. 3
>CH-8280 Kreuzlingen
>Phone +41 71 67718 00
>Mobile +49 171 3396054
>Fax +41 71 67718 44
>Email jochen.hiller@bauer-partner.de
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>From: Comeau, Greg [mailto:GComeau@creekpath.com] 
>Sent: Mittwoch, 21. Februar 2001 22:40 
>To: 'LOG4J Users Mailing List' 
>Subject: RE: java.util.logging
>The API is published so the implementation could be simulated for the purposes of developing
the adapter. That way the adapter could be ready to ship soon after J2SE 1.4 is available.
Sync'ing with the actual implementation of java.util.logging shouldn't take too long. It should
be a regression test at that point.  
>I was wondering if anybody had taken on that job. No, I'm not volunteering. <g>

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>From: Ceki Gülcü [<mailto:cgu@qos.ch>mailto:cgu@qos.ch]  
>Sent: Wednesday, February 21, 2001 2:33 PM  
>To: LOG4J Users Mailing List  
>Subject: Re: java.util.logging 
>Funny coincidence, this question was asked in a different ML just a few hours ago. Before
writing an adapter for JSR47, its implementation has to be available somewhere which is not
the case for the moment. JSR47 is an implementation not an interface. Does that answer the
question? Ceki 
>At 14:05 21.02.2001 -0700, Comeau, Greg wrote: 
>>Is anybody working on a Log4j adapter for the Java Logging API? (JSR #000047)  
>Ceki Gülcü          Web:   <http://qos.ch>http://qos.ch       
>av. de Rumine 5     email: cgu@qos.ch (preferred)  
>CH-1005 Lausanne           ceki_gulcu@yahoo.com  
>Switzerland         Tel: ++41 21 351 23 15 
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I hope to see you at my ApacheCon 2001 presentation 
entitled "Log4j, A Logging Package for Java".

See http://ApacheCon.Com/2001/US/ for more details.

Ceki Gülcü          Web:   http://qos.ch     
av. de Rumine 5     email: cgu@qos.ch (preferred)
CH-1005 Lausanne           ceki_gulcu@yahoo.com
Switzerland         Tel: ++41 21 351 23 15

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