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From "Paul Glezen" <pgle...@us.ibm.com>
Subject Re: RE: Need user name, hostname, etc. in log...
Date Wed, 07 Mar 2001 21:57:05 GMT
Hi Jin,

> If I instantiate the category before configuration and I set
>properties of this category(like appenders attached) in the
>configuration file,  does this category instance will get those
>properties after invoking configuration ?

Yes, but you don't need to set the properties.  You just need to
instanciate it.  The configurator will set the appenders and priority
level.  The factory will set the attributes.

>Does this means If I don't need to specify attributes on the
>factory(ie, all attributes are like hostname, which can be created on
>the fly), and I set the factory in the Properties file, then I can
>let the configurator to instantiate a AppServerCategory object ?

Only the hostname gets created on the fly.  Server name, component name and
version name are blank by default.

>However, I find no "CategoryFactory" stuff in
>DOMConfigurator.java and the dtd file.

I took a look and didn't find any either. I will look to do something about
that as well.

- Paul

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