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From "Sam Ruby" <ru...@us.ibm.com>
Subject log4j changes impacting velocity
Date Tue, 20 Mar 2001 12:27:48 GMT
Background: jakarta-velocity is about to ship a release.  It now uses
jakarta-log4j.  It is often used in combination with other subprojects.

And some of the methods velocity uses from log4j were just removed.

This means that we either need to tell people not to upgrade to the latest
log4j until everybody can (a logistical nightmare), get log4j to support
the old interfaces for a period of time in a deprecated fashion, or we need
to find a technique that velocity can use that works with both the prior
and intended future releases of log4j.

If we don't do one of these three things, then the first log4j in the
classpath will likely break somebody.

Note: due to a stupid error on my part, the last gump run didn't pick up
the recent changes to the project definitions.  Here is the set of errrors
that would have been found:

    [javac] Compiling 150 source files to D:\jakarta\jakarta-velocity\bin\classes
    [javac] D:\jakarta\jakarta-velocity\bin\src\org\apache\velocity\runtime\log\Log4JLogSystem.java:162:
Incompatible type for method. Can't convert
int to java.lang.String.
    [javac]             ((RollingFileAppender)appender).setMaxFileSize(fileSize);
    [javac]                                                            ^
    [javac] D:\jakarta\jakarta-velocity\bin\src\org\apache\velocity\runtime\log\Log4JLogSystem.java:243:
No variable SMTP_HOST_OPTION defined in class
    [javac]         appender.setOption(SMTPAppender.SMTP_HOST_OPTION, smtpHost);
    [javac]                                        ^
    [javac] D:\jakarta\jakarta-velocity\bin\src\org\apache\velocity\runtime\log\Log4JLogSystem.java:244:
No variable FROM_OPTION defined in class
    [javac]         appender.setOption(SMTPAppender.FROM_OPTION, emailFrom);
    [javac]                                        ^
    [javac] D:\jakarta\jakarta-velocity\bin\src\org\apache\velocity\runtime\log\Log4JLogSystem.java:245:
No variable TO_OPTION defined in class
    [javac]         appender.setOption(SMTPAppender.TO_OPTION, emailTo);
    [javac]                                        ^
    [javac] D:\jakarta\jakarta-velocity\bin\src\org\apache\velocity\runtime\log\Log4JLogSystem.java:246:
No variable SUBJECT_OPTION defined in class
    [javac]         appender.setOption(SMTPAppender.SUBJECT_OPTION, emailSubject);
    [javac]                                        ^
    [javac] D:\jakarta\jakarta-velocity\bin\src\org\apache\velocity\runtime\log\Log4JLogSystem.java:247:
No variable BUFFER_SIZE_OPTION defined in
class org.apache.log4j.net.SMTPAppender.
    [javac]         appender.setOption(SMTPAppender.BUFFER_SIZE_OPTION, bufferSize);
    [javac]                                        ^
    [javac] Note: 2 files use or override a deprecated API.  Recompile with "-deprecation"
for details.
    [javac] 6 errors, 1 warning

- Sam Ruby

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