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From Ceki Gülcü <...@qos.ch>
Subject Re: Configuring message bundles with Categories
Date Sun, 29 Jul 2001 19:46:49 GMT

Hi Paul,

Since the resource bundle is a property of the category class and not the hierarchy, I would
suggest setting it like the additivity property.


where foo.bar is a category. This syntax can be extended to the XML configurator as well.

Does that sound reasonable? Regards, Ceki

At 12:03 29.07.2001 -0700, Paul Glezen wrote:
>A while back some people expressed a need for configuring message bundles
>with categories via property files or XML files (I can't remember which).
>It would be easy to provide this ability for XML configuration now that we
>use the Java Bean convention of configuration.
>For property files, because of the unique structure of the category line,
>this may not be possible the way things are now.  However, the next best
>thing would be to follow the manner in the appserver package whereby the
>message bundle is configured on the category factory instead of a
>particular category.  One misses the flexability of configuring a separate
>message bundle for each category, but for cases where a single message
>bundle suffices, it will do the job.
>This would require modification of DefaultCategoryFactory to accept a
>message bundle in its configuration - easy enough.  The sensitive part is
>how to associate the DefaultCategoryFactory to the Hierarchy.  There is a
>setCategoryFactory method on the Hierarchy class that I think is left over
>from when I was wanting to set custome category factories on the Hierarchy.
>Ceki was opposed to the idea of encouraging this kind of access to the the
>hierarchy at the time; so I did something different for the customized
>category case.
>I would like to propose modifying
>PropertyConfigurator.configureCategoryFactory(Properties) to set the
>Hierachy's default category factory whenever the factory is an instance of
>DefaultCategoryFactory.  This would allow DefaultCategoryFactory to be
>configured with a message bundle and associated with the Hierarchy.  It
>would not affect the Hierachy in customized cases.
>Property file users could set a message bundle in the following way:
>This would cause a classpath search for MyLocalizations.properties.  If
>found, the resulting message bundle would be associated with the
>DefaultCategoryFactory and set on each Category it created.
>- Paul
>Paul Glezen
>IT Specialist
>Software Services for WebSphere
>818 539 3321
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Ceki Gülcü - http://qos.ch

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