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From Colin Sampaleanu <colin...@exis.com>
Subject cygwin
Date Fri, 20 Jul 2001 22:18:41 GMT
At 06:16 PM 20/07/2001 +0200, you wrote:
>As for cygwin, what type of problems are you encountering?

I spent a bit more time with it, and got the execution of the tests mostly 

I had some issues with setting up the classpath. Normally cygwin 
automatically creates mappings like /cygdrive/e/whatever/whatever to access 
something on drive E: for example. On my system, I had issues when I tried 
to use java with a classpath that had junit pointed to in this fashion, and 
had to use the form e:\whatver\whatever or e:/whatever/whatever in the 
classpath. Makes sense I guess, since the java executable knows nothing 
about cygwin. Same goes for the path separator in the classpath. I first 
tried the unix ':', and  it didn't seem to like that, but got ok results 
with the Windows ';'.

Now I can run the tests, but I still do get some failures, and I don't have 
enough time right now to see if it is still something to do with the 
execution environment, or actual code issues...

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