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From Dominique GALLOT <d.gal...@atoseuronext.be>
Subject Bug in LocationInfo.java ?
Date Thu, 12 Jul 2001 06:37:59 GMT

I'm not sure that I'm writting to the correct list, but ...

I am working with a java under a Digital Unix, and I saw that the
LocationInfo class doesn't work on the machine,
If fact it seems that when the class has been compiled with a 'Just In Time
Compiler' the class in unable to get the filename.

Here is why, 
a stack trace under the digital jvm will produce 

Compiled Code)

a stack trace from the windows jvm will produce 

	at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service(HttpServlet.java:740)

Since in the getFileName the code is expecting to get a ':' between the
filename and the line number, it will not 'read' the class file name.
Solution ( work around ? ) , simple after looking unsuccessfully for the
':', the function will try to find a ','.


Dominique Gallot

public String getFileName() {
  if(fullInfo == null) return NA;
  if(fileName == null) {
    int iend = fullInfo.lastIndexOf(':');
    if ( iend == -1 ) iend = fullInfo.lastIndexOf(',');
    if(iend == -1)
      fileName = NA;
    else {
      int ibegin = fullInfo.lastIndexOf('(', iend - 1);
      fileName = this.fullInfo.substring(ibegin + 1, iend);
      return fileName;

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