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From "Frank-Olaf Lohmann" <Lohm...@hhla.de>
Subject Antw: configureAndWatch behaviour
Date Mon, 10 Dec 2001 09:18:28 GMT

as far as I know once an object is alive it is not removed till end of program even you comment
the part again with "#".
Instead set the priority to "fatal".

Frank-Olaf Lohmann

>>> "Tom Eugelink" <tom_eugelink@hotmail.com> 06.12.2001  15.24 Uhr >>>
Hello developers,

I have a question if this behaviour is intentional, otherwise I will 
consider making a change to Log4J:

1. Log4J is started with configureAndWatch (interval: 1 sec).
2. In the configuration file the rootCategory is set to INFO.
3. When the application runs I get no DEBUG messages, as expected.
4. In the configuration file a category of a package is set to DEBUG,
   by removing a comment mark (#) from a line in the configuration file.
5. Without restarting I get DEBUG messages, as expected.
6. I reset the category to INFO,
   by re-inserting the comment mark that was removed in step 4.
7. The DEBUG messages keep coming!

Actually I'm using Log4J within Tomcat, so there lays the reason for not 
wanting to restart.


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For additional commands, e-mail: <mailto:log4j-dev-help@jakarta.apache.org>

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