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From Johan Känngård <jo...@kanngard.net>
Subject Re: Pre-alpha release of DominoAppender and DominoConfigurator
Date Sun, 17 Feb 2002 11:42:32 GMT
Thanks for your answers, Ceki. Here are my follow-up questions - I hope you
can answer them too.

>>* Is the above mentioned "Domino Log4j Package" ok with the Apache
>>* Is it ok to use log4j as part of the name? The license says no, if I
>>have permission.

>No, you cannot use log4j as part of the name, just as the license
>says.  We are serious about enforcing this rule.

I will rename the package.

>>* Can the log4j jar be packaged with this "Domino package"?

>You can package log4j.jar as long as you respect the terms of
>the license.

Thank you.

>>* Do I have to release this "package" under the Apache license, or is it
>>possible to use the GNU General Public License?

>I am afraid that the Apache Software Foundation can only accept
>contributions under the Apache Software License.

Is it ok to release source / binary code under the Apache Software License,
even if I am not a member of the Apache "team"?

>>* Is the namespace that I have used (net.kanngard.util.logging etc...) ok,
>>or is it better with org.apache.log4j etc?

>It depends on what you want to do.

I want to release the DominoAppender and DominoConfigurator (and more...) to
the open source community. As part of the "contribution" part in log4j, if
you want. The "package" i´m talking about, is just a simple way for Domino
developers to implement log4j and my additions.

 - Johan

Johan Känngård

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