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From Scott Farquhar <sc...@atlassian.com>
Subject Re: Question!
Date Sat, 02 Feb 2002 01:55:03 GMT
1. Post-log processing / GUI:


2. Alerting to errors:

Why would you want to have to parse the logs for this?

Either use SMTP appender:
or use FileAppender & HTMLLayout

If none of those work - you can create a custom appender to do the work 
for you in real time.  If you are worried that your processing may be 
complex (for example updating a remote database & sending emails), use 
the Async Appender:



Scott Farquhar :: scott@atlassian.com

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Robert Hewlett wrote:

> Does Log4J have a utility to parse it out.
> 1. If a DailyRolling logfile was used someone
> might want to parse the logs looking for special
> information. 
> I was thinking about writing a little applet that
> would load the data and allow the user to select
> what they wanted to show and not to show and spit
> out an excel spreadsheet or a txt file or spit out
> and .html file to place on a website for viewing.
> Although Log4J is used mostly for logging errors. I
> like to use the Audit level to track users performing
> certain tasks so I can create a user profile of the
> different users and what they are trying to do on
> my sites. This I think would help me create a site
> tailored towards my customers needs.
> 2. If an alert4J was created to parse the logs and
> look for specific errors to send out a page or an
> email when a certain error occurred (configurable).
> This would be too hard to do but would make things 
> very easy for someone to include in their log4j.props
> file.
> ERROR: web-site down
> EMAIL:whomever@star.net,joejoe@gateway.org 
> Just some suggestions. I wouldnt mind creating some
> things to make this happen.
> Thanks,
> Rob
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