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From Ceki Gülcü <c...@qos.ch>
Subject RE: Interop with Log4j
Date Sat, 09 Feb 2002 10:15:30 GMT

Thanks for the descriptive note and useful information. It is now patent
we have a compile-time-influences-runtime problem. I will look into it 
Thanks again, Ceki

At 22:29 08.02.2002 -0500, you wrote:
>Ceki -
>This may help to outline the issue that developers may experience with
>the recent log4j changes if libraries are built using different versions
>of lo4j libraries.
>Tom's suggestion of building axis.jar and the Axis client with the same
>log4j file solves the runtime exception.    Thanks for the tip Tom.
>The exception appears when Axis client code is build using a lo4j.jar
>file that is different than the one used to build the Axis.jar file.  It
>doesn't matter if only a single lo4j jarfile is available at runtime.
>Is the exception (when different log4 versions are defined at build
>time) due to the static declaration of the Category property?   Does the
>JDK1.3 java compiler optimize the declaration so that there is a
>run-time library dependency?  It is my understanding that the dependency
>of Category changes between the versions even though the outward
>getInstance() signature used in the Axis codebase remains constant.
>The interop issue is when libraries (for example, Axis.jar and
>MyWebServiceClient.jar) are layered (MyWebService code calls Axis code),
>both use log4j, and have been built using different versions of log4j.
>In this use case, there is no backward compatibility.
>The gory details:
>The exception arises when axis.jar is built against log4j-core.jar (the
>distribution version) and then used in conjunction with an Axis client
>built against log4j-1.2alpha7.jar.   For some reason, when the client
>calls the Axis layer, there is an initialization exception if the
>distribution jar for log4j is log4j-1.2alpha7.jar and not log4j-core.
>Here's the exception thrown:
>Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoSuchMethodError
>         at org.apache.axis.handlers.BasicHandler.<clinit>(Unknown
>         at org.apache.axis.client.Service.getAxisClient(Unknown Source)
>         at org.apache.axis.client.Service.<init>(Unknown Source)
>To recap, if one compiles the main branch of xml-axis (using log4j-core)
>to obtain axis.jar, builds an Axis client (using log4j-1.2alpha7.jar)
>and runs the client with a classpath of axis.jar:log4j-1.2alpha7.jar, a
>runtime exception will be thrown when BasicHandler is instantiated.
>The offending line might be:
>static Category category =
>          Category.getInstance(BasicHandler.class.getName());
>This exception does not occur if the identical log4j jarfile is used for
>both the Axis and client build.
>Thanks for your help,
>-----Original Message-----
>From: Ceki Gülcü [mailto:ceki@qos.ch]
>Sent: Friday, February 08, 2002 1:01 PM
>To: Log4J Developers List; 'axis-dev@xml.apache.org'
>Cc: 'log4j-dev@jakarta.apache.org'
>Subject: RE: Interop with Log4j
>Hi Tom,
>Nothing that would affect backward compatibility was added or removed in
>recent past. So I can't think of anything. Could you provide more detail
>about the problem
>please?  Thank you, Ceki
>At 11:36 08.02.2002 -0500, Tom Jordahl wrote:
> >Tom Jordahl wrote:
> > > The latest log4j from CVS has made a incompatible change from the
> > > release version.
> >
> >Sam Ruby wrote:
> > > Have you communicated this to the log4j development team?  Such
> > > would eventually impact Axis users...  I can tell you that the log4j
> > > takes backwards compatibility very seriously and agressively address
> > > issues brought to their attention.
> >
> >I have not in fact communicated with the log4j team.  Hi guys!
> >
> >Here is what I know:  If you try to use the nightly build axis.jar with
> >the log4j.jar checked in to our CVS tree, it will fail due to a missing
> >log4j class.  I apologize for not having the class name handy.
> >
> >--
> >Tom Jordahl
> >Macromedia
> >
> >--

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