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From Ceki Gülcü <c...@qos.ch>
Subject Re: Pre-alpha release of DominoAppender and DominoConfigurator
Date Wed, 13 Feb 2002 18:25:57 GMT
At 00:57 13.02.2002 +0100, Johan Känngård wrote:
>Hello all log4j (and Domino) developers,
>I did post a question to this list a while ago, with no response. Perhaps
>the answer was too simple, or the question too stupid. :-) Anyway, I managed
>to solve the "problem".
>Here are two source files (actually three...) that I want to share with
>those of you developing in the Lotus Domino environment. The files are
>pre-alpha, so please don´t blame me if anything goes wrong. I know they
>contain long, ugly, nasty code, but it is actually working. I plan to
>develop it further, so any comments are appreciated. Please note that the
>code is only tested in agents, not in servlets.
>The DominoConfigurator lets you have all configuration in a Domino database,
>and the DominoAppender lets you get log events to a Domino database. I´m to
>release a complete "Domino Log4j Package", with everything in a Domino
>database to get up and running with the Appender and Configurator (like
>examples, documentation etc.). Attached is also a utility class,
>DominoUtils, that is used by the DominoConfigurator. All three compiled and
>tested in Lotus Domino Designer 5.0.9a (JDK 1.1.8) with log4j 1.2b2 and
>ncso.jar (Lotus Domino Toolkit for Java 5.0.5 Update).
>Some licens stuff
>* Is the above mentioned "Domino Log4j Package" ok with the Apache license?
>* Is it ok to use log4j as part of the name? The license says no, if I don´t
>have permission.

No, you cannot use log4j as part of the name, just as the license
says.  We are serious about enforcing this rule.

>* Can the log4j jar be packaged with this "Domino package"?

You can package log4j.jar as long as you respect the terms of
the license.

>* Do I have to release this "package" under the Apache license, or is it
>possible to use the GNU General Public License?

I am afraid that the Apache Software Foundation can only accept
contributions under the Apache Software License.

>* Is the namespace that I have used (net.kanngard.util.logging etc...) ok,
>or is it better with org.apache.log4j etc?

It depends on what you want to do.

>Very short personal presentation
>I am Johan Känngård, a swede from Stockholm. Lotus Domino, Java,
>LotusScript, HTML, CSS and JavaScript are some of my specialities. Domino
>has been in my life since 1997, and Java since 2000. Logging is a great tool
>to find errors in almost any code, so I have (soon) ported some of log4j
>(more like log4me) to LotusScript (LS), which is a language similar to VB,
>that can be used in Domino.
>As I have written before: I´m new in the Open Source community, and will
>probably continue to ask (stupid) questions.

It's a pleasure to meet you. :-)

Regards, Ceki

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