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From Scott Farquhar <sc...@atlassian.com>
Subject Re: AsyncAppender features...
Date Tue, 05 Mar 2002 03:13:10 GMT
Whilst you are waiting for people to decide on this - can I suggest that 
you go ahead an create a new Appender that works to your specifications. 
  You call this something new - eg. TailDropAsyncAppender.

I am not sure if dropping log-lines is what people would like, but while 
they are deciding, you can always use your version of the code.  Feel 
free to contribute it - there are many user contributions under /contribs.


Niclas Hedhman wrote:

> I have posted this same issue when I first joined the mailing list, but 
> never saw it show up, so...
> The AsyncAppender is a great feature for slow logging devices, such as 
> file and sockets, but if you have too much load the async FIFO buffer 
> will wait (or so it seems) for the secondary appender to complete (i.e. 
> remove entries). And then the system will come to a grinding halt anyway.
> My suggestion is to introduce a small feature in the AsyncAppender. It 
> works like this;
> If the FIFO buffer is full, the AsyncAppender first try to remove all 
> statements of a certain level (and higher/lower?) in the FIFO, place a 
> marker in the FIFO that it has occurred, and add the new entry. If no 
> entries were removed, no marker is inserted and current behaviour prevails.
> "none" should be the default level for removal and the current behaviour.
> I have seen other requests for having the "Location" information 
> available for AsyncBuffers, but I think this is less desirable. The 
> rationale is that in a development environment, you don't use the 
> AsyncAppender, and in the production evironment, the Location generation 
> takes too long to generate anyway, and the primary feature of the 
> AsyncAppender (low latency) is lost.
> I know I have no votes, but -1 on that anyway...
> Niclas Hedhman
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