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From Max Rydahl Andersen <...@eos.dk>
Subject Re: LogFactor5 Donation
Date Thu, 11 Apr 2002 13:07:26 GMT
Hello BMarlborough,

This sounds great!! I know Chainsaw recently was chosen as the
"official" log4j gui, but LogFactor is way more mature and has many
more features which Chainsaw only has begun considering to do.

The "only" problem I can see is that last time I checked LogFactor5
one should use a custom LogFactor-appender. This might be necessary,
but it would be great if it also "just" could be used with a standard
SocketAppender - but I would guess that would be a "simple" addition :)


Thursday, April 11, 2002, 1:46:05 AM, you wrote:

BMarlborough> Greetings Log4j developers,

BMarlborough> In case you hadn't heard, Servidium Inc, creators of LogFactor5, was
BMarlborough> acquired by Chicago based ThoughtWorks Inc. this past October.  While we
BMarlborough> enjoyed developing LogFactor5, product development and sales are not part
BMarlborough> of ThoughtWorks business model.  That said, we are considering open
BMarlborough> sourcing the product on Source Forge or donating the product to the Log4j
BMarlborough> team.  We would love to donate LogFactor5 to the Log4j development team
BMarlborough> since it's one of our favorite tools.

BMarlborough> Product Background:

BMarlborough> - LogFactor5 - GUI Appender/Console for Log4j
BMarlborough> - In development since April 2001
BMarlborough> - Current version of LogFactor5 - 1.2 (Version 1.3 has been tested but has
BMarlborough> yet to be released)
BMarlborough> - 1600 downloads as of March 1st, 2002

BMarlborough> Features include:

BMarlborough> - Real-time category and log level filtering.
BMarlborough> - Read log files from a file.
BMarlborough> - Read log files from a URL.
BMarlborough> - Customizable Log Table view.
BMarlborough> - Category level tree navigation.
BMarlborough> - NDC record filtering.
BMarlborough> - Full text searching on logged messages.
BMarlborough> - Save configuration, filtering, and view settings for later sessions.
BMarlborough> - Configure the number of log records to be displayed.
BMarlborough> - Customizable record colors.
BMarlborough> - Configurable font face and size.
BMarlborough> - Customizable Log Table column layout.
BMarlborough> - Full support for all Log4j priority levels.
BMarlborough> - Full support for custom priority levels.
BMarlborough> - Dynamic message counting.
BMarlborough> - Also works in standalone mode (i.e. not an appender) for use with a
BMarlborough> socket appender and loading files from a URL or the file system.
BMarlborough> - 8 fully documented and working examples, user's guide, quick start guide
BMarlborough> and product tour

BMarlborough> For more information on the product, please see
BMarlborough> http://www.servidium.com/site/logfactor5/index.html

BMarlborough> In addition, if it is decided that LF5 is to become part of the Log4j
BMarlborough> distribution, we would be happy to remove the licensing logic, reformat the
BMarlborough> source to Log4j standards, update the documentation and graphics,
BMarlborough> rename/repackage, etc.

BMarlborough> Looking forward to your thoughts.

BMarlborough> Cheers,

BMarlborough> Brad Marlborough
BMarlborough> ThoughtWorks, Inc. -- The art of heavy lifting(SM)
BMarlborough> http://www.thoughtworks.com

BMarlborough> --
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Best regards,
 Max                            mailto:max@eos.dk

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